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Few words of this article is confidential & techniques that are rarely known by the men, because most men are just relying on insting & natural instinct, but it is not enough to satisfy your beloved pair! read carefully …

When the time arrived for you to menjilati vagina a woman, which part you need to jilati? Are there places that will make it a special twist-and thrash-geliat preoccupation gelepar like a fish stranded on land? Are there any dots that may even reach the orgasme akan make a moo or bellow, roar ngaum-absorption? Of course!

Unfortunately, the man who has not advanced bersilat tongue in this case tend menjilati the wrong place. Men are less often experienced this kind of place that holds the most tokcer for dijilati is part of the mouth, vagina hole partner. Lick-lick although there can also provide a delicious sensation for a woman, there are actually other places a more important role in providing satisfaction to women as much as possible: klitoris (which is often also called the G-spot).

Where is the location klitoris a woman? The very best way to menunjukkannya is through pictures alongside. Benjolan grooved appear as if it is called a perforated klitoris (be surrounded with an ellipse).

Klitoris (clitoris) vagina of a woman similar to the head of the penis like a man, the belly, bald, shiny, and at the time ereksi. As with the male penis, klitoris is a very sensitive and filled with the ends of the end of the nerve-sense. Thus, stroke, rub, or scrub with klitoris are rough, dry or be able to give pain to your partner. Before you do anything against a woman klitoris, the klitoris sure he has enough lubricant (saliva or liquids that you exit from vaginanya). This akan menghindarkannya of skin irritation (abrasions, abrasions and acute sense) that can dideritanya the lack of lubricant, because the skin around the vagina of a woman is very smooth and easily scratched.

For additional information, it is actually a man came from klitoris. Each fetus in the womb of a mother diversiform female sex in the first place. When the fetus is then get hormone testosteron, slowly klitoris a fetus will grow into a penis. Meanwhile, the hole is underneath the cover and place the seeds by testikel. That is why you can see a vertical line that is like a stitch, if you see the area between the nut and the hole testikel your buttocks. In the women, this hole will remain open and become vaginanya hole.

After finding the location klitoris him, then lick the start slowly and softly. Movement direction of your tongue, the pressure you give to klitorisnya, move your tongue dankecepatan akan determine the sensation dirasakannya. I suggest you start from a low tempo and a soft pressure. The very slowly, you percepatlah tongue movement and pressure perbesarlah you provide on klitorisnya.

If you prefer, you can also use your lips together as if you smooch with klitorisnya. According to experience, set klitoris a woman with your mouth (like when you want to say the letter A) and simultaneously encourage klitorisnya that are in the middle of the movement of the tongue to the left and right or up and down can provide incredible sensation for the he . How does it taste? Maybe he will say is, “One Million taste!” Moreover kalaupada the same time you exhale your breath steaming from the mouth while ensuring the lubricant (saliva), which is around klitorisnya. For the him, this may be that it’s ten million. If you do not know, know that this technique can also be used to menjilati breast and nipple is he.

Furthermore, although menjilati klitoris the main activities that you should do, klitoris too long dijilati can continue to experience a bit numb (lack of sensitivity). That is why you also need to menjilati the surroundings. Menjilati areas around klitoris will not only give women the variation in sensation dirasakannya, but will also provide the appropriate contrast for the sensation of the tongue dirasakannya when you come back and touch the klitorisnya.

See picture on the side with the numbers attached. When you menjilati area # 1 is located just above the klitoris a woman, you will feel a little benjolan stretching vertically (the size of the different on each woman). Lick short and to the left to right in this area is very diverting to women, especially if the same movement of the tongue you up and down along the benjolan klitorisnya. You can hit quite hard with your tongue, but be careful when moving towards the direction klitoris (the taper). Women prefer a certain pressure that when you reach the soft edge klitorisnya (a very sensitive area), while other women want the pressure a little hard in the area. Just to ask him which of the more digemarinya.

Region # 2 and # 3 is the vagina lips him. Lick around the lips and along the vagina a woman will also provide a stimulating sensation. Menjilati I suggest you both take turns with the mill slowly, starting from the one side, up to klitoris visits to drop to give honor, and then continue to the next. Frequently baliklah such as this with the slow movement. If you prefer, you can also occasionally touching the hole vaginanya. As a variation, a switch-use change only the tongue, lips your second course, or the tongue and lips at the same time to use # 2, the klitoris him, and # 3.

Regional # 4 and # 5 lower level sensitivitasnya compared with klitoris, # 1, # 2 and # 3. One woman who had dijilati vaginanya even said that he was less concerned with the sycophancy in the # 4 and # 5, because the intensity of feeling that obtaining the right in the praises klitoris enough to stimulate and satisfy. But no one once in a while if you menyempatkan self menjilati area # 4 and # 5, and if necessary also from the mouth of the vagina hole.

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