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Iphone 3G may be booming again a few months that this may be said as a blackberry competitor (ga is correct?). Â this is 10 tips to save battery endurance iphone 3G

1. Decrease the LCD brightness, Select: Settings> Brightness

2. Turn off Wi-Fi new network scanning or turn off the Wi-Fi now. Select: Settings> Wi-Fi

3. Turn off the 3G setting. Select: Settings> General> Network

4. Turn off the vibration when playing games.

5. Limit the use of GPS tracking.

6. Purchase music and applications via a PC, not through your iPhone 3G.

7. Setting auto-lock, 1 minute. Select: Settings> General> Autolock.

8. Limit games 3D games.

9. Turn off the push email feature.

10. Take advantage of Car-Kit-for me recharge the battery in the iPhone 3G when traveling.

Hopefully these little tips useful for users iphone 3G ^^(detikInet)